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  • Fund for War-Affected Children and Youth in Northern Uganda
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Past Grants

The Uganda Fund has supported a number of grassroots organizations that are influencing ongoing efforts to promote transitional justice, education and economic development in the sub-regions of northern Uganda.


Youth Economic Development

Christian Counseling Fellowship (CCF) - Pader Girls Academy (PGA):
PGA is a secondary school offering young women who suffered sustained violence the rare opportunity to give birth and care for their infants in an empowering educational environment.  PGA’s vision is to create a community of girls affected by conflict who are self-reliant, who can achieve personal security and economic independence, and who are equipped to support their children by acquiring a quality education.  With support from the Uganda Fund, CCF built the Pader Girls Academy, which offers secondary education and vocational training to enhance the skills of child mothers and other formerly abducted children, Pader Girls Academy also provides support to those affected by and/or infected with HIV/AIDS as well as counseling to address the psychological and effects of violence and mass displacement.  CCF is also engaging child mothers in income-generating projects, including a popular restaurant and catering business in Pader town, while providing secondary school scholarships and training for social workers and child counselors from Pader and other districts.  The demand for quality education with supportive services like those provided at Pader Girls Academy is extraordinary in northern Uganda.  With additional support from the Uganda Fund, a second campus, the Nwoya Girls Academy, has been opened to meet this need and to train young mothers in hospitality management and catering in order to prepare them for employment in Uganda's growing tourism sector. 


Gulu District NGO Forum (GDNF)– Youth Leadership Project (YLP):
With a grant from the Uganda Fund, the Gulu District NGO Forum created the Youth Leadership Project in collaboration with local authorities and community-based organizations to support leadership development for youth throughout the Acholi sub-region.Young people, many of them former child soldiers conscripted into the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), were particularly affected by the longstanding conflict in northern Uganda. Yet, they have often not been engaged as a priority group in regional development initiatives. The Youth Leadership Project strengthened the capacities of young people to effectively and constructively engage in policy discussions on the rebuilding of their society by supporting leadership training and capacity building to strengthen grassroots youth groups, providing small grants to support youth organizing and youth-led activities, and awarding scholarships to increase access to university-level education in the field of development studies.


Transitional Justice and Reconciliation

Center for Reparation and Rehabilitation:
Led by four female lawyers, CRR provides free legal assistance, psychosocial support, advocacy, protection and capacity building to survivors of war and gender-based violence. CRR is working to broaden awareness among survivors on rights of redress, particularly regarding land reform for the 1.8 million Ugandans who returned to natal villages following the war, while also encouraging mediation to avoid lengthy court proceedings.


Northern Uganda Transitional Justice Working Group (NUTJWG):
NUTJWG provides coordination, advocacy, capacity building and mobilization to enhance a civil participatory society and an inclusive approach to transitional justice. 130 civil society organizations from throughout northern Uganda participate in this coalition to formulate and pursue reparations for war victims and to define a system that compensates victims uniformly, inspiring confidence and trust in the government. NUTJWG has generated local and national interest in examining the response to human rights claims.


Empowering Hands:
The Uganda Fund is pleased to have previously partnered with Empowering Hands to promote holistic recovery and reintegration of Formerly Abducted Persons and cultivate a culture of nonviolence in northern Uganda primarily through conflict dialogue groups. Support for Empowering Hands through the Uganda Fund contributed to effective reintegration of former child soldiers and other war-affected youth through activities such as peer-to-peer counseling, microcredit lending, community education to reduce stigma and discrimination, peace building, and the use of creative outlets, such as music, community theater and radio programs, to deal with trauma.


Information and Communication Technology


Gulu University Technology Project:
Located in one of the most underserved and war-affected regions in Uganda, Gulu University is expanding access to higher education and has a vision of development through information technology. The grant-funded project provided youth groups with greater access and training in ICT; offered university scholarships to young people for training in information sciences; increased Gulu University’s overall ICT capacity and offered computer equipment, bandwidth access and computer training to community youth leaders.



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  •  Fund for War-Affected Children and Youth in Northern Uganda
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  •  Phone: 504.314.2714



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